CMS now offers test delivery!

CMS offers two options for proctored exams and two options for unproctored exams.

All four delivery options have these available features:

  1. Single Sign-on
  2. Eligibility validation
  3. Full e-commerce
  4. Vouchers
  5. Full data management
  6. Candidate management

Proctored exams

  1. Live, on-line proctors provided by CMS
  2. Test sponsored provides their own proctors
    • Unlimited number of proctors
    • CMS provides a full scheduling and registration system for the proctors
    • Proctors can specify the languages they speak which will be visible to candidates when they register

In order to experience the exact same check-in and test-taking experience the candidates will have, click the link below.

Unproctored exams

  1. Assessments – The same exam delivery details as proctored exams are saved for every administration
  2. Practice tests – only exam-level data is stored with each administration

For more information or assistance, please contact:

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